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Invasive Species Removal Services

Invasive plant and weed species are a growing problem (over 285 invasive species!) in Pennsylvania, causing significant damage to the state’s natural resources. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) estimates that invasive species cost the state more than $17 million each year in lost timber value, crop damage, and control costs.

Invasive Plant & Weed Removal

Invasive Plant Removal Services

Recent invasions of non-native plants like Multiflora Rose, Japanese Knotweed, English Ivy, Oriental Bittersweet, along with many others, continue to go unnoticed. Sometimes called alien, exotic, or noxious weeds, an invasive species, non-native plants occur as trees, shrubs, and vines. Without natural predators, noxious weeds continue to increase across the landscape with ease. With all the proper tools, training, knowledge, and proven success rate regarding eradication, our invasive plant removal service at Shades of Green, Inc. can reclaim your property or wooded areas and restore them back to the beautiful, natural state in which they were intended to be. When it comes to looking for invasive species removal companies, look no further than Shades of Green.



Invasive plant removal company in Bucks County

Wineberry, garlic mustard, narrowleaf bittercress, and Japanese honeysuckle are just a few of the many invasive plant species that can be found in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. These plants are often introduced to new areas by humans, and they can quickly spread and crowd out native plants. Invasive species can cause problems for both the environment and the economy. They can alter ecosystems, reduce crop yields, and spread diseases. In Pennsylvania, wineberry is considered one of the most troublesome invasive species due to its rapid growth and ability to displace native plants. wineberry is a perennial shrub that can grow up to 10 feet tall. It has glossy red berries and light green leaves. wineberry can be found in both forested and open areas. It often invades streambanks, field edges, and roadsides. If you suspect that you have found wineberry on your property, it is important to take action to remove it before it spreads.


If you’re concerned about the negative impact of invasive plant species on your property, consider hiring Shades of Green to remove those invasive weeds and plants for you. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to safely and effectively remove invasive plants and weeds without damaging your other vegetation. In addition, we can help you choose native plant species that are less likely to become invasive and help you implement measures to prevent future invasions. With our help, you can rest assured that your property is protected from the harmful effects of invasive plant species. Contact us by filling out the form below or give us a call today at 215-428-1323 to learn more about our invasive species eradication and weed removal services.

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