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Lawn Diseases

Lawn diseases develop due to favorable conditions and infect turfgrass blades and roots. Some diseases are easily recognizable while others may require a laboratory analysis. Our Arborists and Turf Specialists are able and willing to identify and determine the root cause of the problem. We will then develop a plan to manage this disease which may include fungicide treatments, fertilization, and suggestions for improving existing cultural issues.

Customized Lawn Disease Treatment Program!

Maintain your lawn to the highest standards with our custom tailored Turf Management program. Our experienced turf specialists have what it takes to keep your lawn looking its best all year round. Plus, a soil analysis will ensure proper soil chemistry is addressed and corrected from the start. The soil analysis is free of charge to all new lawn care program clients. Our lawn care plan ensures a nice green, lush lawn for your enjoyment.

Lawn Disease Control

Lawn Disease Identification

Here at Shades of Green we provide extensive lawn and turf disease control services that will help prevent lasting damage to your lawn. This damage can be caused by a number of common lawn diseases that affect residents throughout Bucks County. Some of these diseases include Brown Patch, Pythium Blight, Leaf Spot, and Summer Patch – all of which left untreated can cause unsightly patches in your grass and killing off large areas which will require new seeding or sod to be installed.  We recommend the comprehensive care of our experienced team rather than waiting for symptoms to manifest and attempting to fix them on your own. Not only will this save you time and money in the long run, but you’ll get the peace of mind that comes along with knowing your lawn is healthy and looked after by Shades of Green.

Insect Control​

Grubs and other insects such as Chinch bugs can damage your healthy grass and cause major injury leading up to a dead lawn. In addition to watering, mowing, and fertilizing, it is also important to proactively address potential threats from these pests. Our lawn and turf care services offer a variety of treatments that can help protect your grass from these unwelcome intruders. These treatments are targeted towards specific types of insects and applied at the proper time. When required, regular insect control is essential for keeping your grass thriving year after year.

Weed Control​

Weed Control is an integral step in healthy lawn establishment. Pre-Emergent Applications target weed seed and young seedlings before they establish in your lawn, and is especially important for preventing Crabgrass germination. Post-Emergent Applications target existing weeds which impede in healthy turf establishment. Hard to control weeds such as Clover, Nutsedge, Ground Ivy and other broadleaf weeds will continue to establish if not treated as needed.

Common Lawn Diseases in Bucks County, PA

Brown patches in grass

Brown Patch

Gray leaf spot infected lawn

Gray Leaf Spot

Snow mold

Snow Mold

Red Thread Lawn Disease

Red Thread

Pythium Blight Lawn Disease

Pythium Blight

Dollar Spot Lawn Disease

Dollar Spot

With Shades of Green, you no longer have to search for lawn analysis in Bucks County. Contact us today by filling out the form below or give us a call to schedule a FREE property evaluation.

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