Proper lawn fertilization is essential for establishing and maintaining a healthy green lawn. A well established lawn is better suited to resist weeds, pests, and diseases which are more likely to attack thin and weak lawns. Your Shades of Green, Inc. Arborist and Turf Specialist will assess your lawn, analyze soil test results and develop a custom based fertilization program which will treat the soil in which your lawn grows.

Spring & fall lawn fertilization

Like many things in our everyday lives, timing is also the key foundation to our lawn care plan. Our custom blend of fertilizers, tailored to your lawn, is applied during the Spring and Fall months. This ideal timing has proven resultsĀ  ensuring a thick green lawn which will last throughout the year.

Shades of Green, Inc.'s lawn care team of experts is ready to assess your lawn and build that lush green turf you have always dreamed of.

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