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Sustainably Sourced Seasoned Firewood For Sale

Quality Bucks County Firewood

Ensure that your home stays warm all winter long, with our high-quality firewood that burns well and produces plenty of heat. Our seasoned mixed hardwood is sourced sustainably and dried for at least 9 months, making it the perfect choice for families and homeowners in Bucks County who want to enjoy warmth from their fireplace.

At Shades of Green, we’re proud to offer our sustainably sourced mixed hardwood that has been properly seasoned and dried to ensure maximum heat and efficiency. Our firewood is priced competitively and is the perfect choice for families and homeowners who want to stay warm all winter long. Whether you choose our half-cord or full-cord option, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that you’re supporting sustainable forestry.
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At Shades of Green, we offer two options for purchasing our firewood. Our half-cord option is perfect for families who just want a few fires throughout the winter months. For those who want to stock up on firewood and keep their home warm all winter long, we offer a full-cord option. Both options provide an excellent value for high-quality, sustainably sourced firewood.

Half-Cord - $175

Full Cord - $300

Delivery charges may apply

Locally Sourced Mixed Firewood

Our firewood is the byproduct of our local tree removal operations. Once a tree has been removed, it is brought to our processing facility, instead of being sent to a landfill, where it is cut into firewood-sized pieces, split and seasoned until ready for sale. We take our process very seriously to ensure that we’re not just providing customers with high-quality firewood, but also being responsible stewards of our land.

Our locally sourced firewood consists of an excellent mix of Oak, Maple, Cherry, Ash, Hickory, Sycamore, and Locust. Each species has a unique aroma, texture, and burning style, allowing you to enjoy your fireplace with the widest range of heat output, ensuring a warm winter.

Seasoned & Dried for 9 Months

One of the key factors in choosing high-quality firewood is seasoning and drying. Our mixed hardwood is seasoned for a minimum of 9 months, ensuring that it’s dry and ready to burn efficiently. Proper seasoning is essential because it removes excess moisture, ensuring that the firewood burns hotter and produces less smoke. When it comes to keeping your family warm and cozy all winter long, it’s essential to choose firewood that’s been properly seasoned and dried for maximum effectiveness.

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