The use of compressed air through our Air-Spade tool, simplifies soil excavation, soil management, and promotes tree health-care within a tree’s critical root zone. Our Arborists have experienced proven results to tree health from air-spading. Unlike mechanical excavation which damages roots, air-spading efficiently removes and loosens soil without damaging tree roots. We then can visibly inspect and correct deficient root systems as needed and remove excess mulch and soil that has accumulated over time. These ‘mulch volcanoes’ cause unnecessary stress ultimately causing trees to die pre maturely. Call us before it’s too late!

Why Use The Airspade?

Our AirSpade is used to alleviate many adverse soil conditions to tree and shrub health. Poorly drained soil, compacted soil, and imbalanced soils can be properly evaluated once exposed and Air tilling and radial trenching can be utilized to correct these deficiencies in the soil. At the same time, soil amendments can be added to increase the overall health and vigor of your trees and shrubs.

Exposing Root Collars, root pruning, and removing girdling roots are tree issues which require AirSpading to alleviate.  Many trees are planted either improperly or in poor areas which need to be addressed before it is too late. These conditions may cause girdling roots which will ultimately cause trees to die.  The AirSpade is essential in these situations.

Common AirSpade Uses

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