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Why You Keep Seeing Deer in Your Yard & How to Repel Them with Shades of Green Deer Control Services

Deer sightings in your yard can be a wonderful experience, but when it becomes a regular occurrence, it can lead to unwanted consequences such as damaged vegetation, cleaning up deer droppings, and potential safety hazards while driving. Understanding why deer are attracted to your yard and what to do to repel them is crucial in maintaining a peaceful coexistence. Below, we’ll explore the reasons why deer keep coming into your yard, how they impact your property, and how our deer control and management services can help you solve this issue.

Why Deer Keep Entering Your Yard

Deer are attracted to yards for several reasons, including food, shelter, and water. If your yard happens to feature deer-friendly plants such as hostas and fruit trees, it can become a haven for deer. Another reason is that they perceive your yard as a safe and comfortable area to bed down in. Additionally, if you water your yard, deer can smell the water source and may enter your yard in search of it.

How Deer Impact Your Property

While it may seem harmless, regular visits from deer can have a significant impact on your property. Deer feed on plants, which can cause damage to your garden and landscaping. They also carry ticks that can be a threat to the health of your family and pets. If you have a swimming pool, a startled deer can wreak havoc on your backyard and potentially cause serious damage to the pool liner and surrounding areas.

How Shades of Green Can Help

Our professional deer control and management services can help keep your yard free from deer. Using tried and true methods such as fencing, repellent sprays, and deer-resistant plants, our team of professionals can help manage the deer population in your area. Our services are tailored to your specific needs and offer long-term solutions to prevent deer from returning to your property.

Deer Control & Management Options

Fencing is one of the most effective ways to prevent deer from entering your property. By erecting a physical barrier, you can protect your vegetation and prevent deer from wandering onto your property. Additionally, planting deer-resistant plants such as lavender, yarrow, and salvia can help deter deer from entering your yard. Repellent sprays and granules can be effective when used consistently and can help prevent deer from eating your plants.

Seeing deer can be a beautiful sight, but frequent visits from deer can pose serious threats to your property and your family. Deer-resistant plants, repellent sprays, and fencing are all effective ways to prevent deer from entering your yard. Hiring a professional like Shades of Green is a smart choice for long-term deer control and management services. Our team of experts can create a tailored plan to keep your property free from deer and to prevent any future issues. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you eliminate deer from your yard.

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